29 Apr 2010

Special Branch arrives

Liskeard was a chief inspector's post,
but suddenly in 1992 a superintendent arrives -
and not just any old superintendent,
but one allegedly specially trained in the US by the FBI,
and from Special Branch.

Let's recap on police performance to date.

Liskeard police had made it clear from Day One
that they would obstruct Tim Wilmot in every way.

So Tim Wilmot had made a complaint to Force HQ in late 1991,
and Inspector Weymouth arrived to make an initial evaluation.

It took him less than an hour to respond with
"This stinks!
I will recommend to the Chief Constable that the case be reopened!"

You cannot get any clearer than that!

Then Detective Inspector Draper spent two solid days with Tim Wilmot,
and clearly believed Tim Wilmot's version of events,
because as he stood in the door to leave, he said:-
"When I get to Caradon, that is when the lying will start!"

Council officers do not lie unless there is good reason to.

Having promised liason all the way,
none took place,
nor was there one single follow-up question.

Please consider if that is rather odd?

While this was going on,
Tim Wilmot was demolishing Tolley the Solicitor
by means of displaying the truth on placards.

Unable to go to court,
Tolley had attacked Tim Wilmot,
leading to Tolley's Public Order Act conviction,
which was done personally by Tim Wilmot.

The one and only time Tim Wilmot saw Draper
was in court on that day.

Tim Wilmot has no doubt that his demolition of council liars
was ringing alarm bells at Devon & Cornwall Police HQ,
and a decision was made to get Draper to write a cover-up report,
and a Special Branch superintendent was sent to Liskeard
to co-ordinate the executive's defence against One Man and The Truth.

After all, if this man were to succeed with a council,
who knows what other lying government agencies might be next?

Better to nip him in the bud!

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