2 May 2010

Email from Julie to Zen, and reply - 02 MAY 10

NB: text of email from Julie Knott to Zen, and his reply - 02 MAY 10.

Dear Julie

Julie:- You have done a fantastic job to the site.
It certainly stands out more."

Zen:- I want it of a standard
that people will be able to use for their own legal cases.

Julie:- I have just finished reading it for the umpteenth time
and it has left me emotionally unbalanced today.

So many horrendous memories have flooded back into my brain
that I had previously put into little boxes in my mind and stored away."

Zen:- If you do not deal with things in the mind,
eventually a function of the body deteriorates
to the point where you have to slow down,
and have the opportunity to choose to deal with it.

Few do.

Julie:- For you and me this is not just a story,
it is a painful issue that forced upon us conditions
that you would not let an animal live in.

We both know about hardship and the like."

Zen:- If it is painful,
it means you stll have work to do upon yourself.

Julie:- Working 20 hours is far too long Zen.

I know time is running out for you
and you want your Legacy Website to be absolutely perfect,
so would it not be best to eat just a little
to extend your time."

Zen:- I do what needs doing,
in the time and space granted to me.

I have plenty of time,
and I am eating sufficient to give me the energy I need.

When I work long hours I do eat more berries and drink more juice"

Julie:- Please don't think I am getting at you
but I so do not want you to die
and leave me all on my own to answer questions to the media, etc..

I am not brave enough for that!

Together we are a powerful team
but singled out I will/could be weak.

I try to be tough
but times like today when memories come flooding back,
then I am a fragile person with no fire in her belly.

Zen:- In case you have not noticed,
I remain very much alive,
able to think and write creatively
in a way I was unable to do in 20 years.

As I have said many times, breathe deep,
look within yourself and you will find resources that will amaze you.

The old you has to "die" to allow the new you to become alive,
but human beings fear loss of any kind,
and so grip tenaciously even to that which no longer serves them well,
because they believe it is better the devil they know
than the devil they do not.

Just "let go!", and trust The One Mind to be there for you.

Let go of the rusty, rotten and ridiculous titbits of the past that no longer sustain you,
and open your heart to your future.

The system cannot sustain you as it is loveless,
so all of it's remedies are without merit.

So look within, to The One Mind,
where everything is peace, and All Is One.

Julie:- I am so proud of all you have put together
and appreciate what you are doing in order to clear my name
but I really am not comfortable with it at all."

Zen:- You are uncomfortable
because you do not yet understand what your truth is.

My function throughout this 22 year long experience
has been to "be there" and to "standfast4Truth",
and allow others to define themselves by their responses.

This is how growth is created in a primitive fear-based society -
someone has to be willing to stand up and take the flak,
and demonstrate by his response that he has different values.

If just one person notices,
and sees how to incorporate something of that experience into their lives for the better,
our world has moved forward.

Julie:- Your possible death would be a memory far worse
than the Revocations to me."

Zen:- Learn to cross a bridge only when your feet stand on it.

You waste energy on possibilities that arouse fear in your mind.

Is this really how you wish to think?

The revocations happened -
accept it as a rich learning experience
that has shaped your life
in ways that give you oportunity to choose by your response
the kind of person you desire to be.

We both saw repeated again and again
the kind of people running the system,
and the narrow, fear-based responses of their cold-hearted minds.

Surely the truth is that their responses
have built this so-called "broken society"
because they have so little understanding of the energy they put out,
or that, as "What you put out, comes back!",
they are simply mirrors upon mirrors upon mirrors upon mirrors
with The One Mind.

Change happens when you choose to mirror back by your response
something "not normal" in this society;

This society is built on fear and hate, greed and envy,
and it's very foundation is the concept of separation
where there must always be winners and losers,
who both provide the energy for the system to feed on.

For the system literally feeds on fear.

Realise that, and breathe deep, and look within,
and there, and only there, will you find peace.

When you find peace within,
you radiate peace wherever you go.

People light up when they see you -
or more accurately, The One Mind that is All That Is,
represented as the birth-to-death I-dentity you currently hold.

The primitive ones are still locked into hierarchies
desperately trying to put "systems in place"
to chase the effects of fear-based responses,
because they dare not address the issue
of what their own fear is,
and how their own fear-based responses
create the world they see.

Chasing effects, not cause, is futile.

So, live right now, in THIS moment,
and let the future take care of itself.



Life mirrors your choices -'What you put out, comes back!'

Our responses define who we are.

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