30 Apr 2010

Police attitude revealed

Here we see the real attitude of police displayed
in Detective Inspector Draper's Report to the CPS dated 08 JUN 92.

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1.11a.    As of the date of compilation of this report,
1.11b.    Mr WILMOT has still not been successful
1.11c.    in securing planning permission for his development
1.11d.    and is in fact in further dispute with the Council
1.11e.    at his home address at 'The Burrows' situated in Callington,
1.11f.    which is little more than what can only be literally described as a 'pig sty',
1.11g.    has been made the subject of an 'enforcement notice'
1.11h.    being in breach of planning permission.

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Tim Wilmot mainly lived in one large room 18 feet square,
with other large rooms used as needed.

The room had white-painted walls under a new tongued and grooved pine ceiling,
and a half-glazed antique pine front door from an Edwardian house,
with engraved cobalt blue and red glass panels.

A black cast iron Jotul 118 wood-burning stove from Norway
was connected to a stainless steel chimney,
and provided both heat and hot water.

A bottled gas cooker, electricity, and telephone were installed.

Furniture included desks, bookcases, and chairs, as well as a double bed.

The room was a perfectly comfortable farm dwelling -
not luxurious, but clean, tidy, and practical.

Tim Wilmot suggests Draper would only describe the room as a "pig-sty"
if he wanted to create a negative impression of Tim Wilmot
to the reader of his report at the Crown Prosecution Service.

The Enforcement action ( 10 APR 90 ) was valid at law,
but discontinued by Caradon District Council
to prevent Tim Wilmot publicly airing his allegations.
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1.12a.    The aspect of the dispute regarding his home address
1.12b.    is viewed as being a separate matter
1.12c.    to the issues contained in this report
1.12d.    and therefore will not be discussed in detail any further.

Having deliberately created a negative impression of Tim Wilmot
to the reader of his report at the Crown Prosecution Service -
one of a number of coded signals to the CPS
that read "This man is persona non grata!",
Draper says it is irrelevant.

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1.10.1a.    It is only fair to report at this stage
1.10.1b.    that Mr WILMOT has become obsessed
1.10.1c.    with his fight with Caradon District Council
1.10.1d.    and has on a number of occasions,
1.10.1e.    set out to, and succeeded
1.10.1f.    in embarassing Caradon District Council
1.10.1g.    by parading in front of the Council Offices,
1.10.1h.    at Council meetings,
1.10.1i.    in the streets of Callington and Liskeard,
1.10.1j.    and outside the home address of Councillor PENGELLY,
1.10.1k.    with a placard alleging dishonesty and corruption
1.10.1l.    against the officers named in paragraph 1.7.       [ CPO, Pengelly, & Tolley ]

There were several placards displaying the truth.

The very fact that Tim Wilmot was on the streets,
displaying placards alleging serious criminal offences
without immediate legal action by Caradon District Council,
publicly demonstrated the power and substance of what he said.

The use of the word "parading" instead of "displaying" says it all.

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1.10.2a.    He has openly admitted one of his objectives in doing this
1.10.2b.    is to try and stimulate Caradon District Council
1.10.2c.    into suing him for libel
1.10.2d.    in the hope that he will then be afforded
1.10.2e.    the opportunity to air his grievances in open court.

1.10.3a.    To date, on advice,
1.10.3b.    Caradon District Council have decided not to pursue this course.

Caradon District Council knew perfectly well
that Tim Wilmot would shred them in Court -
even on his own without a lawyer.

To sue would have been suicide.

So the reputation of Caradon District Council
could be comprehensively trashed by Tim Wilmot with impunity,
proving the power of his allegations.

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1.14a    As the attached documents show
1.14b    a number of Officers involved with the Council
1.14c    have become involved in this dispute
1.14d    and it has clearly been a source of embarrassment
1.14e    not only for the Council as an organisation
1.14f    but for certain individuals.

The truth can be SO embarassing!

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1.15.1a.    It has certainly started to affect the Solicitor to the Council, Mr TOLLEY,
1.15.1b.    and he has found it neccesary
1.15.1c.    to contact the local police at Liskeard on a number of occasions
1.15.1d.    upon receipt of letters from Mr WILMOT
1.15.1e.    as they contained inuendo of possible violence towards Mr TOLLEY
1.15.1f.    and/or his family.

The letters simply asked Tolley to think
about how he might be feeling in Tim Wilmot's place,
and were written with defence in mind.

Due to Tolley's actions damaging Tim Wilmot severely financially,
he had just been obliged to put down his labrador dog, Sam, himself -
and Tim Wilmot merely asked how Tolley would feel if it were his son
( who had just been mentioned in the local paper ).

As police, Tolley, and the Council knew the nasty, lying little shit's lies
would fall apart under Tim Wilmot's questioning in a court,
needless to say no prosecution was likely.

A sustained prosecution of Tim Wilmot would mean Tolley in court -
so several were taken by police to every possible pre-trial hearing,
and then dropped at the last possible moment.

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1.15.2a.    Regrettably despite Police investigations into these allegations
1.15.2b.    all have fallen short of being sufficient to support any criminal proceedings.

Tim Wilmot suggests the one word "Regrettably"
sums up the investigative integrity of Detective Inspector Draper.

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If you wish to compare Tim Wilmot's version of Tolley's paint spraying efforts
with Detective Inspector Draper's,
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Tolley assaults Tim Wilmot no less than four times on 06 DEC 91
( paras 3.31 & 3.32 only, then click "back" ),

including twice with aerosol cans of paint!

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