30 Apr 2010

Tim Wilmot kicks the First Bucket

A father hellbent on "saving" his son
from being sectioned under the Mental Health Act
has a powerful driving incentive for action.

Add to that a man
without any understanding of what was really going on,
and you have a loose cannon.

Week after week, and month after month,
Tim Wilmot's father would come to his home,
and again and again urge him to quit.

After months of this pressure,
Tim Wilmot turned to a bucket,
kicked hell out of it for just 30 seconds,
while shouting at the top of his voice
how he wanted to kill the bastards
who were lying and ruining his business.

After 30 seconds of venting his pent-up anger
against an inanimate object
in a way that any psychologist would say
was absolutely the best thing to do,
rather than hold that anger in -
Tim Wilmot was 100% cool,
and back to studying law.

However, Tim Wilmot's father thought he had seen
a demonstration of the very mental instability
that the Superintendent had spoken of.

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