30 Apr 2010

Father informs police of First Bucket Incident

As Tim Wilmot and his father have not spoken since 1994,
Tim Wilmot is obliged to reconstruct events from logic.

As Tim Wilmot was arrested and charged with Threats to Kill,
it is obvious that his father informed police.

Here we might consider various choices open to police.

Was it the intention of the police
to recognise that Tim Wilmot was placed under great stress,
and to seek to help him get through it safely?

Or was it the intention of police
to destroy Tim Wilmot as a threat to established power?

You decide!

To destroy Tim Wilmot
in a way that would probably end inconvenient allegations
( assuming that was your desire ),
you need a suitable conviction.

To secure a suitable conviction,
you need more than one witness.

Tim Wilmot cannot say for certain
that his father was told to go back with another person,
re-apply the pressure,
see if the result was the same,
and if so, both report it to police.

However that is exactly what happened,
so it seems logical that that was what he was told to do.

That Tim Wilmot so readily repeated the precise same event
suggests to him that his trial was a neccessary event
in a process that appeared to destroy him,
but also gave him vital new evidence previously concealed,
as well as forcing him to completely re-assess who he was as a man.

Let us see the real police position next,
as revealed by Detective Inspector Draper in his report of 08 JUN 92
( shortly before these events took place ).

Please remember that without the Police feeling smug and secure
with an ongoing prosecution for Threats to Kill,
Tim Wilmot would never have seen Draper's report,
witness statements and evidence file.

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