30 Apr 2010

Tim Wilmot arrested and major search of farm

Tim Wilmot was arrested at 7 am in the morning,
and was questioned all day.

Tim Wilmot was not present during the search of his farm,
but he spoke to a member of his English Earth Project
who was there throughout the day.

25 officers arrived,
complete with incident wagon and canteen.

Four officers had metal detectors.

Four police search dogs were there.

A frogman searched the cesspit.

The police pulled out ANYTHING that could possibly be used as a weapon.

A rusty fencing foil ( ooh! so dangerous! ).

An aluminium beer barrel ( could be made into a bomb ).

And so on.

They were desperate to find SOMETHING.

That is why no less than 25 officers were on site.

They did find two scrap parts of a machine gun
that Tim Wilmot had taken from an army scrap heap
when he was a schoolboy.

Half the town had steel helmets,
bits of crashed helicopters.
bits of radios, and so on
because the fence around the dump had a huge hole.

When Tim Wilmot gets time,
he will tell the story of the trial -
and how the first trial was halted
because Tim Wilmot was about to expose Caradon.

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